Regen Organics

Regenerating agriculture, cities, and communities

By 2050, food and feed production must increase by 70% to meet the needs of an estimated 10 billion people on Earth. Given the devastating effects of climate change on food production, and our fragile global food systems, this increase in production must start locally with a focus on green technologies.

Regen Organics, founding partner of The Sanergy Collaborative, decarbonizes the production of food, feed, and fuel through locally manufactured regenerative products – building a prosperous and climate-resilient agricultural sector.

Using a circular economy approach, Regen Organics operates and manages the collection of organic waste from fast-growing emerging market cities; converts the organic waste into feed, fertilizer and fuels using green technologies and distributes the products through its networks that sell to small scale farmers.

Each step of Regen Organics’ model offsets greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and every factory that it builds offsets approximately 50,000 tons of CO2e per year. Regen Organics sells its carbon credits through both traditional and on-chain markets.

David Auerbach

“For true transformation of our planet, we must go beyond sustainability, which will maintain the status quo. We must focus on creating a more resilient planet, with nurturing soils and thriving ecosystems. Investing in regenerative technologies, which offer virtuous cycles of growth, are needed to restore and to rebuild.”


direct and indirect jobs created


farms adopted regenerative farming practices


tons of organic waste safely upcycled annually


tons of carbon offset

Steve Beck
Co-founder & Managing Partner at Novastar

“With an abundant source of organic waste, favourable regulatory environment and strong demand for regenerative agricultural inputs, Kenya was the ideal launchpad for Regen Organics, but it was just the beginning. Over the coming years, Regen Organics will continue to scale its operations across markets, create more green jobs and improve food yields, soil fertility, and production techniques for farmers – benefiting both people and planet.”


Novastar GPs and GP Eleos lead Series A for Regen Organics (formerly Sanergy)


Novastar leads Series A2, joined by existing investors Acumen and GP Eleos


Novastar leads Series B, joined by Treehouse Investments and Finnfund


Regen Organics wins the Food Planet Prize


Regen Organics is a finalist in HRH Prince of Wales’ inaugural Earthshot Prize, is recognized on the main stage of COP26 and wins the Food Planet Prize


Regen Organics raises Series C with participation from Novastar


Regen Organics is launched as an independent brand and a founding member of The Sanergy Collective alongside Fresh Life, a non-profit delivering safe, citywide sanitation services in low-income urban areas

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