Medical centres in Kenya

Penda Health was founded in 2012 to deliver outstanding healthcare in Kenya. Today, it operates 21 healthcare centres across Nairobi, offering the full range of outpatient medical services, underpinned by lab and pharmacy support.

Penda also offers Pigia Penda, a 24-hour telemedicine service offering consultations and to help guide and reassure patients. Penda is now seeking to extend its reach into other parts of Kenya.

Stephanie Koczela
CEO & Co-Founder

“In 2012, we started Penda Health because we wanted patient-centred healthcare to be available and accessible in everyone's neighbourhood. Today, I am so proud to work alongside hundreds of Penda team members who go above and beyond every day for patients and families.”


Novastar leads Penda’s Series A


Novastar leads Penda’s Series B alongside Finnfund

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