Optimizing rural supply chains

Two thirds of people living in East Africa rely on agriculture for their livelihood and many of these are smallholders. Farmers rely on local agri-dealers to supply items such as feed, seeds, and fertilisers. But getting these products to often remote, rural locations can be a challenge. Product availability can also be lumpy with sudden shortages pushing up prices. The lack of visibility, access and an ability to plan compounds uncertainty.

iProcure makes the life of these farmers easier. It works as a connector between major suppliers of agricultural products and local dealers. It provides Point of Sales systems to the agri-dealers, supplies them with the product they need through its extensive network of warehouses and vehicles and helps them to manage working capital by providing products on a BNPL (Buy now, pay later) basis.

Stefano Carcoforo

“With the level of uncertainty afflicting farmers, iProcure's mission to introduce certainty in input and price point stability in farm input supply is more relevant today than it has ever been. We help farmers to thrive in an uncertain world.”

In parallel, iProcure has a technology pipe which collects and analyses data all along the supply chain to eliminate stock-out, manage inventory and expand markets – from the retailer, through the logistics chain to the manufacturers. This potent combination has seen iProcure grow to become the largest agricultural supply chain platform in rural Kenya, establishing a launchpad for expansion across Africa.

Niraj Varia
Novastar Partner

“iProcure uses technology and data to improve the efficiency of an enormous but highly fragmented industry that has, historically, failed to serve the many tens of millions of smallholder famers that Africa depends on for food. This is proving to be a winning combination: since we first invested, iProcure has rapidly grown its reach and product offering, bringing more inputs to more farmers all the time.”


Novastar leads iProcure's Series B


Novastar leads iProcure's Series C

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