A Global VC in
Entrepreneurial Africa.

We founded Novastar to join and fuel an entrepreneurial movement that is transforming markets and sectors in Africa. Together, we aim to create enduring value for the many, not just the few; for planet and people; for future generations and this one… for good.

Working from the vibrant centres of Lagos, Nairobi and London, we partner with gritty optimists forging solutions to the continent’s biggest problems.

These are the companies that will become the truly valuable enterprises of the future.

We see in Africa a matchless opportunity to reimagine industries in ways that signal a new, sustainable, inclusive development path for the world.

We aren’t interested in incremental solutions to marginal problems and inconveniences for the wealthiest 10% of the population.

The entrepreneurs we back, like us, are obsessed with serving the basic needs of everyday consumers; understanding their lifestyles, the friction that slows them down, the tools that lift them up, and the informal markets where they live, work and shop.

We don’t invest in lookalike business models. Plug-and-play tech solutions that address a single problem rarely work in a context where so many value chains are broken. While we learn from developed markets and adapt technology to power new solutions, our job is to understand the business models that work here.

We approach our work seeking to be generous in our relationships and generative in our actions. Our core values comprise our foundational beliefs and guide our daily decisions and behaviors. As a small band with a bold vision these values mirror those of the entrepreneurial teams with which we partner. We expect and invite all our stakeholders to hold us to them. To help you do that, you can read more about them here.

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