Investment Director

Prior to joining Novastar, Sapna was a Portfolio Manager at Acumen East Africa in Nairobi, investing in businesses that provide goods and services to low income households and managing a portfolio of companies in the Agriculture and Energy sectors. She also co-founded Naked Pizza, a customer-focused, pizza delivery business in Nairobi.

Her previous experience was with Lloyds TSB in the UK, Europe and the US, and HSBC in Jordan, in distressed asset management, risk, restructuring and turnaround. She has helped turnaround a vast array of companies in diverse industries ranging from financial services to football clubs. Her achievements include ensuring continued operation of some of the Icelandic banks in the U.K. during the financial crisis and managing HSBC’s exposure to the largest restructuring in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Sapna graduated from the London School of Economics with a Bsc (Hons) in Government and Economics